Thursday, August 30, 2012

One, Two Buckle my Shoe...

One of the first things I noticed about Cam at Cafe' Rio was his Chucks. I was impressed! LOVE Chucks!

1.    First off, you should all know that  I was kinda-sorta dating someone (Jimmy) when I gave Cameron my phone number at Cafe' Rio. Kinda-sorta as in it was our second time giving things a shot and we seemed to never be on the same page.  At the time I was waiting to find out if Jimmy wanted to date me exclusively or not.  While he took his ever-lovin'-sweet-time deciding, my sister advised me that I not just sit around and that I should date.
     I had become more and more confused and frustrated with Jimmy and our situation.  The longer I waited for his decision the more and more time I had to think things over.  Was this really what I wanted? Was dating Jimmy on an exclusive level, to see where things would go, did I really want that?  So when Cam hit on me, (uhh not only did she do a double take I got a triple take, who hit on who?) I returned the flirting gestures the best way I knew how.  The fact that Cam was ridiculously-good-looking didn't hurt either, right?

2.     Cam text me the same night he got my number.  Earlier at Cafe' Rio I had told him that me and a friend were thinking about going for a bike ride so we decided that we would make it a group bike ride.  We decided that we would met-up at Raintree and go from there.  So Sally, Jane, and I all headed that way. I had previously filled Sally and Jane in with the details of the events at Cafe' Rio.
       On our way over to Raintree, we met-up with Cam and met his friends there.  The bike ride was rather awkward, see Cam has this friend, his nick-name is "The Instigator"  but we will refer to him as Neil (I think Earl is a better name). Neil, played a nice part in, well, instigating awkwardness.  A couple times he attempted to "cock-block" Cam - for the soul purpose of getting under Cam's skin.
     By the end of the bike ride Cam acted like he want me to stay and hang out - but Sally and Jane were were just cruising their bike-butts home and leaving me behind! I was not about to stay and hang out with some guy I had just met - all alone. Uh, HELLO! He could have been a serial killer! So he asked me if I had plans the next day,  I was slightly vague about my plans but told him he should text me. (I thought about giving up here)
      I caught up to Sally and Jane and it turns out that Sally already knew Cam.  On our ride back to Jane's apartment Sally told me that she knew him because he had dated a friend of hers.  Sally, being a good friend, was just giving me a heads up and said that Cam and her friend were always off and on again.  She told me to just be aware they they had a tendency of always ending up - together.  I told her "no worries," after all I was still seeing Jimmy and who knows where things would go with him.  So technically, Cam and I were kind of in the same boat... or at least sailing in the same sea.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MIA Blogger

The reason for no other blog posts other than my first and only post:
1.       No motivation
2.       I overwhelm myself with the thought of having to tell “our story” and telling “our story” ever so perfectly.
3.       While writing in the past was a passion of mine and is often a source of keeping me sane, it has also become a chore for me.  What does one write about? How do people find time? How is it so easy for everyone else and why isn’t it easy for me anymore?  So I prolonged the blogging.
The reasons for attempting any future blog posts:
1.       Reading other peoples blogs and getting jealous that mine sucks!
2.       Finding the motivation in others (ok so reason 2 is really just a more positive way of stating reason 1).
3.       I think it is important to write down the important things in life - my future kids are going to need to know how awesome their mom was/is!