Thursday, December 1, 2011

The true account of what happened June 2, 2010... or How I met Cam

Here is the complete and total truth of how Cam and I met...

      This one time, during the summer- I was craving some Cafe Rio.  Jana and I had been shopping at the mall. She was busy chatting and flirting it up with this guy that she liked who we had run into.  I was worried that Cafe Rio was going to close, so I took her car while she continued to do her thing. I cruised down to Cafe Rio to pick us up some food.

      While I waited in line to place my order, three guys got in line behind me.  I didn't think anything of it.  I ordered mine and Jana's food and heard the guys behind me discussing what they were going to order.  I heard them say something about ordering the salad.  I looked back at them, thinking to myself "I should tell them to order the Tostada instead, because it's cheaper and pretty much the same thing."But when I turned around I noticed one guy with dark brown, shaggy hair and these AMAZING blue eyes.  I quickly turned back around to continue ordering- maybe I chickened out because this guy was so cute!  I may have casually taken a second glance at the guy- But I definitely did NOT take a third look!

     As I moved my way down the line ordering my food, the lady who worked there turned to the guy behind me and said "Pork Salad?" The guy nodded yes- except it wasn't his Pork Salad, it was my order for Jana.  In a panic that our orders were going to get mixed up- I knew I had to quickly interject.  I looked at the lady and said "no, no, no" and then turned to the attractive guy behind me and held up my hand ( I did not touch his arm... I simply just held up my hand to stop the guy) (she touched my arm).  Then I repeated to him what I had told the lady, "no, nnnnoooo, no" I continued "Sorry, that's my order too."  He gave me a little smile and at some point I noticed that he had on some gray converse shoes- which of course I liked too.  The guy then started to chat with me a little.

  He casually teased me that  I must be really hungry if I had two orders (oh yes, he was that smooth).  I explained to him how one was for my friend and that I was going to meet up with her later. He continued to chat with me a little as I finished up my order. As the girl was ringing me up all I could think was "did he just hit on me? I think he might have been hitting on me!" But I was done, I had paid and now I just needed to get our soda and leave.  So I went to fill up our cups, while I still debated whether this cute guy was actually hitting on me or not.  "Should I give him my number?" I thought, "Or would that be totally embarrassing ?!" Apparently I had been debating the situation in my head a little too much because I found myself still at the soda fountain,  when he came over to get his water.

     Next thing I know he was offering to help me out to my car, and me not thinking anything at all about his offer other than that it was nice of him to offer, I said "Oh no, I think I got it- thanks!"  I guess you could say my independent side was taking over.  The second I said no, I immediately regretted it. Yes! Yes, this guy was hitting on me and I could not believe that I had accidentally shut him down!  I hadn't meant to, but I really didn't need help to my car!  I knew I had to do something!

     So I continued to linger a little longer, grabbing my napkins, the forks, or anything to disguise my lingering. Eventually I started to make some more small talk with him- after all I had shot him down!  I started by asking him if him and his friends were from around here (this was my casual way of trying to find out if he was just fresh out of high school- after all, the Seniors had all just graduated).  When he said that they were from Vegas and up here for school, I knew he had to at least be a Freshman- which wouldn't be ideal but at least that one would have been a lot less awkward than if he had been a High-Schooler.

    I then asked what him and his friends had planned for the night.  He said he wasn't really sure, and then his friend Kyle swooped in behind him and said "invite her to the pit." So then Cam turned to me and asked with some serious uncertainty to his voice- "Do you... would... would you want to do something?"  I smiled, and said yes.  He asked me for my name and got my number.

    It was mostly down hill from there... yep I said mostly...  more to come later.



  1. Such a cute story.. He had to work hard to get you! (which is how it should be) :) I love hearing how people met. How did the rest of the night go?

  2. it! And nice one to put your story down because Cam will never write his! He He!