Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MIA Blogger

The reason for no other blog posts other than my first and only post:
1.       No motivation
2.       I overwhelm myself with the thought of having to tell “our story” and telling “our story” ever so perfectly.
3.       While writing in the past was a passion of mine and is often a source of keeping me sane, it has also become a chore for me.  What does one write about? How do people find time? How is it so easy for everyone else and why isn’t it easy for me anymore?  So I prolonged the blogging.
The reasons for attempting any future blog posts:
1.       Reading other peoples blogs and getting jealous that mine sucks!
2.       Finding the motivation in others (ok so reason 2 is really just a more positive way of stating reason 1).
3.       I think it is important to write down the important things in life - my future kids are going to need to know how awesome their mom was/is!


  1. And so I can know what is going on in your life!!!

  2. I agree! And I'm super happy to know you have a blog!